Prima Power and Gasparini sign distribution deal

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The Prima Power hP4060 hydraulic press brake

Prima Power has signed an agreement with Gasparini for the distribution of products in the Gasparini range with Prima Power brand and colours.

With the new collaboration, Prima Power expands the range of its press brakes, combining the models of the servo-electric eP series, produced in the Prima Power plant of Cologna Veneta (VR), with the new family of the hP hydraulic press brakes – ten medium-large format models covering a range from 270 to 650 tons.

At the base of the agreement is a global industrial project to ensure hP press brakes are marketed and also assisted by the Prima Power network.

The two technologies, electric and hydraulic, have complementary advantages and applications, Prima Power says. Describing the servo-electric eP press brakes as “fast, accurate, clean and energy-efficient,” Prima Power says they are ideal for processing sheet metal with medium-low thicknesses. “Powerful and flexible, the hP series products cover the highest tonnage range of applications. Having both technologies, Prima Power always offers the perfect solution for every bending need.”

Mechanical buckets bent with hP series press brakesMechanical buckets bent with hP series press brakes

Hydraulic press brakes are especially well suited for the agricultural and earthmoving sectors, which are characterized by high-thickness components, and thus become complementary to high-power and large-format laser machines dedicated to this sector, considered strategic by Prima Power. The hydraulic press brakes, the 10 kW fiber laser for 2D machines and the new Laser Sharp 2060 are designed for customers who need particularly flexible products in terms of materials, thicknesses, and sheet sizes to be processed.

The hP series combines the strength and versatility of hydraulic technology and also offers the energy savings and sustainability of the ECO package. The Adaptive Crowning and Reflex system also make this press brake the most accurate machine in its category, Prima Power says.

Prima Power hP press brake Adaptive CrowningAdaptive Crowning measures and compensates the ram deflection during the bending process

The Adaptive Crowning and the Reflex system make it possible to compensate deflections of the frame, which are inevitable during the bending process, thanks to sensors and control systems that maintain the repeatability of the angle, whatever the material and thickness.

The DSP laser safety system protects the operator from the danger of being crushed between the upper and lower tool. It also allows a reduction in the bending cycle time.

The hP can be connected in tandem, or integrated into automated lines or robotic cells. The performance of hP press brakes can be further increased by configuring the machine to the customer’s production requirements. The front supports, the bending follower for large sized or very heavy sheet metal, the wireless digital gauge for the automatic correction of the bending parameters, the flattening table for increased productivity and easy operations, the Laser Check, which measures the bend angle and corrects it automatically using a laser beam and a video camera, are some of the main options available.

Prima Power hP series Reflex SystemThe Reflex system guarantees the repeatability of the bending angle

The hP series can also be equipped with the ECO system, where the motor is controlled by an inverter that manages speed and power. This way flow and pressure in the hydraulic circuit are optimized according to the bending requirements.

The AutoPol bending software enables offline programming of hP series machines. The bending simulation allows users to study the feasibility of pieces to be executed, check the bending sequence and directly produce the machine program.

Prima Power says its hP press brakes are Industry 4.0 optimized with a series of software solutions such as Data Logger and Tulus Reporting View, for the control and reporting of production and system performance, or as Production Manager, for communication with the customer’s ERP and the creation of work queues.

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