Five axis punching and shearing cell

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Prima Power has introduced a new servo electric punching and shearing cell with a linear drive, Shear Brilliance.

Prima Power introduced linear drives for sheet position in integrated punching and shearing in late 1990’s. Since then, fabrication technology has been revolutionized by servo-electric technology, and this has now been applied to the Shear Brilliance product range. The new Shear Brilliance is constructed with the latest composite materials, servo-electric technology, and linear drive to achieve impressive performance values for higher productivity in versatile and flexible fabrication.

Improved performance with a carbon-fiber structure

More efficient use of the work area provides increased benefits, such as processing longer sheets with the same setting. The work area consists of a carbon-fiber coordinate axis, with 4,050 mm long axis, travel that positions the sheet.

Carbon fiber is a material that enables a light but rigid structure for an axis movement that is longer than before. A combi machine, which is able to punch and shear long sheets in a combined working area without repositioning, has a larger working area and improved performance which enhances both productivity and quality.

The solution was carbon fiber that has been used in the manufacturing of the Shear Brilliance cell’s coordinate table. With a carbon-fiber-reinforced composite structure, it was possible to reduce the mass of the coordinate table, which moves the sheet during processing, from a 700 kg steel structure to a 225 kg carbon-fiber structure. In other words, the weight of the structure was reduced by approximately 70 per cent. This lightness has a significant effect on the performance, energy-efficiency, actuators, and surrounding structure of the machine.

The new, fully servo electric Shear Brilliance features linear drive technology for fast sheet positioning and raises manufacturing speed and productivity up to a new level. With long travel of the 4,070 mm coordinate table full 3,100 working area for punching and shearing can be used without repositioning, accurately and at great speed. The sheets are pre-positioned during machine operation which reduces loading time considerably.

In loading the production time is maximized due to loading in hidden time. Also the fast 1,300 hpm punching speed adds productivity. Shear Brilliance offers huge tooling capacity in either a 24 or 30 station turret which ensures minimum set-up times and maximum tool quantity in single set-up. Tool sizes can be chosen by the customer, which adds flexibility required in modern production.

Up to 35 metric tons of servo electric ram force–the highest available in servo-electric punching -allows very complex contours. As fewer hits are needed, production is faster. Despite the ram force, speed has not been compromised.

Automatic clearance setting of the intelligent servo-electric right angle makes changing from one material thickness to another automatic and fast, saving time and adding productivity. A wide range of thicknesses can be sheared, up to 5 mm aluminum, 4 mm mild steel, 3 mm stainless steel. Maximum sheet size for punching and shearing is 3,100 mm x 1,565 mm.

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