DMG MORI’s digital manufacturing for Porsche

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Porsche owes part of its success in racing to DMG MORI, the machine tool builder that is the car manufacturer’s technology partner and supplies the Porsche race team with manufacturing technology and machined parts via the Porsche Motorsport CNC Competence Centre at Deckel Maho Seebach in Germany.

Porsche took the 18th overall victory at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans this season as well as they won the driver and team standings at the World Championship in 2015.  Porsche returned in 2014 to the top level of endurance racing, attracted by the new efficiency regulations.


In the brand’s Research Center in Weissach the most innovative car of the entire grid was developed. The Porsche 919 Hybrid has a trend-setting downsizing turbo engine and two energy recovery systems, which all together create a powertrain delivering around 1,000 HP. It works as a racing laboratory for the highest efficiency of future road going sports cars.

DMG MORI and Porsche technology partnership

DMG MORI supports Porsche in two ways: First, as a long-time supplier for companies that make high quality vehicle components for the team. Second, in the course of the current season, a dedicated component production department has been set up at Deckel Maho Seebach–The Porsche Motorsport CNC Competence Center–that supplies Porsche with aa growing range of vehicle components.

DMG MORI and Porsche technology partnership

Performance, reliability and precision are factors that determine success or defeat in the world of motor sport, both on the racing track and in the production of a vehicle. A perfect example of this is the cooperation between Porsche and DMG MORI in the LMP1 class. The machine tool manufacturer is exclusive premium partner and at the same time component supplier for the racing team.

A Porsche component machined on a DMG MORI machine

Porsche component machined on a DMG MORI machine in Germany

Among the components DMG MORI machines for Porsche are complex housings for pump stages or electric motors and end caps for the differential. Bearing shafts, bearing heads and spigots as well as spacers made of thermoplastic are produced at the Seebach facility for the pedals. The materials used include steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic.

“This involvement is a great chance for us to demonstrate the performance of our machines and our know-how,” says Dr. Thomas Hauer, head of application technology at Deckel Maho Seebach about the challenge.

The Deckel Maho Seebach facility has extensive expertise in the manufacture of high precision HSC machining centres and innovative machine tools for universal five axis machining such as the DMU eVo linear series. The plant is also characterised by a high level of vertical integration and competence in the manufacture of machine components. All this is combined with in-depth process and machine know-how in its application technology.

The installation of a dedicated department for Porsche underscores the aim of DMGMORI to develop and supply first-class components to the racing team from Weissach, where the Porsche 919 Hybrid is developed and built. Four experienced application technicians are responsible for the challenging work. A high precision HSC 70 linear machining centre, a DMU 60 eVo linear universal machine plus a CTX beta 800 TC Turn-Mill complete machining centre are currently being used for the production of the components. 

Porsche and DMG MORI will follow on in 2016 in the footsteps of the last season’s success and significantly expand the range of components.

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