New indexable cutter slashes cycle time for Ontario shop 

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KPT Precision in Rexdale, Ont., has been manufacturing high-tech, close-tolerance components for the plastic injection molding, process instrumentation, aerospace, medical and military industries since 2007. The 10,000 square-foot, full-service CNC machining facility is known for the great skill of its machinists and its embrace of advanced machining technology. Using the latest tools across 15 machines, the KPT team machines high-quality prototype and production parts made from a wide range of materials. 

On a recent job machining a part with a long overhang, Kris Tyler, owner of KPT Precision, noticed that cycle time was high, shortening tool life. 

Kris Tyler, KPT Precision president, on the shop floor. IMAGE: SANDVIK COROMANT

“We had this bracket that was flame-cut in an L shape, and there was at least 3 x 6 x 10 inches of heat-treated steel that needed to be machined out. We were machining with old-style face mills, trying to take a bigger depth of cut. But that took over eight hours, and it heats up the part. We were burning through inserts like crazy.” 

Too Much Cycle Time, Too Many Inserts

After going through several boxes of competitor inserts and spending eight hours per pocket, Tyler realized he needed to make a big change. 

“You always want to machine a part efficiently,” he said. “Cycle time and tooling are big costs, and I knew I needed to fix that job. We machined eight of these parts and had a follow-up order for 16. To complete it with the tools we had, the cycle time would have been a month and a half on the machine.”

KPT Precision reached out to metal cutting tool and machining solution provider Sandvik Coromant. Mark Skrt, application specialist for Canada at Sandvik Coromant, visited KPT Precision to assess the application. Skrt immediately recommended, then returned with, the new CoroMill MH20 and CNC programs the following day.

A True Problem Solver

The CoroMill MH20 is an indexable cutting tool designed for roughing and semi-finishing heat-resistant super alloys, stainless steel, steel and hardened steel. After Skrt programmed and proved it by adjusting the depth of cut, cutter stepover, feed rate and spindle RPM, the team at KPT Precision was astonished by how quickly the CoroMill MH20 cut the material. It increased feed rates from 9 inches to 155 inches per minute and significantly reduced cycle time.

“The CoroMill MH20 got our cycle time for the pocket down from over eight hours to just 90 minutes,” said Tyler.  

The CoroMill MH20 took less than a quarter of the time it would have taken the original face mills to complete the full order.

While the versatile CoroMill MH20 is designed for high-feed pocket milling, it’s also engineered for multitask machining, including corner machining, straight and helical ramping and full slotting, as well as shoulder, face and plunge milling. The robust cutter body offers higher fatigue and deformation resistance, ensuring a longer tool life and reliable machining with less scrap, while its light-cutting action paired with a durable shank design ensures secure and vibration-free machining, even with long overhangs. 

“The CoroMill MH20 is a true problem solver. I feel confident bringing it to a customer, knowing it will achieve and exceed the customer’s desired result,” said Skrt. 

75% Less Cycle Time Pays for Itself

In addition to the pocket, KPT Precision used the CoroMill MH20 to machine other areas of the brackets in the 16-unit follow-up order, shaving even more time off the job. 

“We turned the follow-up order around in two weeks. Our customer was like, ‘How’d you do it?’” said Tyler.  

The CoroMill MH20 took less than a quarter of the time it would have taken the original face mills to complete the full order. This equates to several weeks and thousands of dollars in savings, affording KPT Precision the opportunity to take on more jobs with the extra time and open machines. 

“I was very impressed with that cutter. The savings were incredible. Astronomical. I actually bought two,” said Tyler. “And if Sandvik Coromant eventually makes bigger sizes of the cutter, I will purchase those, too. They just eat through the material, and with the jobs we run, there’s a lot of facing in the metal.”

Local Service From a Global provider

KPT Precision was pleased with more than just their new high-performance, go-to tool. They appreciated the high level of service commitment, opportunity management and technical support offered by Sandvik Coromant. 

“Mark knows his stuff. He’s very good at the applications. In fact, he’s working on another project for me,” said Tyler. “When you need to get stuff done, fix your application, speed it up — that’s where Sandvik Coromant comes in. Their tools are superior products. And I use them as much as I can.” SMT

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