CERATIZIT delivers UP2DATE Solutions catalog

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CERATIZIT’s semiannual UP2DATE catalog of product developments and enhancements is now available with the latest offerings designed to give CERATIZIT customers improved machining performance, increased tool life and optimal production efficiency. 

“We bring value to our customers by understanding their machining challenges,” says Dan Cope Executive Vice President of Cutting Tools, CERATIZIT USA. “Living up to our commitment means we listen to customer pain points and deliver new reliable tooling solutions, technical knowledge and support that increases their productivity.”   

Included in the spring 2024 UP2DATE edition are the MonoThread Performance shank thread milling cutters, MNG mini zero point clamping system for small workpieces and MaxiChange GX modular grooving system.

Thread milling for best results

Providing a 20% performance increase over its predecessors, CERATIZIT’s solid carbide MonoThread – SGF and MonoThread – SFSE Performance Line shank thread milling cutters provide precision and process reliability when they count most. The MonoThread redesign increases the number of cutting edges for faster machining, optimizes core rounding and taper for improved accuracy and uses an advanced coating for higher wear resistance. 

The solid carbide MonoThread – SGF and MonoThread – SFSE, with a chamfer facet, prevent material breakage with their axial coolant supply. They are well suited for cutting all standardized thread profiles in asymmetrical, thin-walled or very complex workpieces of virtually any material. Due to its low cutting pressure, CERATIZIT’s Performance Line thread milling cutters can process components at high speeds and feeds to cut production times. Thread milling reduces process costs by having a single tool that can produce left and right threads in addition to blind and through holes. The new MonoThread – SGF and MonoThread – SFSE can also be reground up to three times to keep tooling costs low. 

Get a grip on small part clamping

CERATIZIT’s new mechanical MNG mini zero point clamping system is the latest advance for precise machining of small workpieces. A standardized and universal system, the MNG mini can reduce setup times by at least 30% or more to maximize machine uptime.

The CERATIZIT MNG mini uses weight-optimized consoles, pyramids and clamping towers with an integrated zero point clamping system for small clamping devices. Bases are made of hard-anodized aluminum, making the zero point system a lightweight and cost-effective solution. 

The MNG mini uses a modular design that is available in several different versions that allow towers, consoles and pyramids to be added as needed. Affording tremendous flexibility, the system can be used for a variety of machining applications, including milling, turning or grinding, and due to its 2.04 inch (52-mm) clamping bolt spacing, the MNG mini is compatible with systems from other manufacturers.

Find your groove with MaxiChange GX

The time-tested CERATIZIT MaxiChange exchangeable head system is known for providing quick tool changes in the processing of low- to medium-volume production of complex parts. Now, the MaxiChange GX adds a grooving function for internal and external machining as well as axial and radial machining to its repertoire.

Being a modular system, the wide range of MaxiChange heads and base holders are compatible with each other and can be used for a variety of applications. For internal and external machining, the MaxiChange GX is available for interfaces up to 1.5 inches in varying groove widths.  

To improve tool life and counteract the negative impacts of chip jams and extreme temperatures at the cutting zone during the grooving process, the MaxiChange GX is equipped with an internal coolant supply. MaxiChange GX can also be used in combination with a vibration-damped boring bar for long overhang applications where high quality surface finish is important.

For more information or to download the interactive, spring 2024 UP2DATE catalog, click here.

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