FABTECH CANADA PREVIEW: Unlock your automation potential with Yaskawa

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Increasingly vital to the overall success of daily manufacturing operations, robotic automation is primed to see steady growth throughout North America. From labor shortages and capacity constraints to quality issues and efficiency concerns, adaptable and reliable robots – equipped with feature-rich functions and user-friendly peripherals – are influencing the next-generation of manufacturing capabilities, while cultivating a range of benefits.

Hosting one of the best R&D environments in the world, Canadian manufacturers are leveraging these technologies, helping to meet unique demands for multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, energy, primary metals, plastics, textiles and more. Breakthrough advancements for artificial intelligence (AI), sensors and machine vision are especially beneficial to companies in these spaces, bringing highly relevant applications to life.

Yaskawa Solutions at FABTECH Canada

To learn how high-performance industrial robots and easy-to-use collaborative robots can benefit your production workflow and part manufacturing, join Yaskawa’s robotic experts at booth #10018 at FABTECH Canada.

Representing its family of ArcWorld solutions, the ArcWorld LC, ArcWorld RS and the ArcWorld HC will be on display. These pre-engineered, ready-to-weld, arc welding solutions meet a wide variety of manufacturing requirements and are ideal for mitigating labor shortages and quality concerns. The ArcWorld LC (LiteCell) with AR1440 robot is an extremely cost-effective first step into robotic welding. Fast and simple to install and relocate, this system excels at lighter volume requirements for small- to medium-part welding, and it provides the option to have a dual configuration – allowing parts to be loaded or unloaded, while another part is being welded. Extremely compact, the ArcWorld RS maximizes floorspace utilization for tight working environments. Requiring only 2.3 square meters (25 sq ft) of floorspace, this model uses the AR900 arc welding robot to process parts up to 425 x 700 x 990 mm. For manufacturers looking for a collaborative solution, the ArcWorld HC (Human Collaborative) welding workcell with an IP67-rated HC10DTP cobot provides robust functionality in portable job shop style. Ideal for small- to medium-part welding for medium- or low-volume runs, this flexible system facilitates quick tooling changeover and redeployment on demand.

All ArcWorld workcells highlight the Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) pendant application. Designed for robotic welding power sources with modern digital interfaces, the UWI provides a common interface while providing information using power source manufacturer’s terminology. This helps users gain easy control of any weld process or parameter, allowing adjustments to items like amperage, voltage and wire feed speed.

Interactive Pendant Kiosk

Providing a hands-on robot programming experience, this interactive demo features Yaskawa’s standard programming pendant, along with the intuitive Smart Pendant. These options allow visitors to test the unique programming styles these pendants have to offer, as well as compare the difference between the YRC1000 controller and the YRC1000micro controller.

This kiosk also highlights Yaskawa’s software capabilities. Whether robot users are looking to manage, monitor and maintain robot investment, or they are wanting to develop and expand robot capabilities, there is a solution that can help, the company says. This includes widely used options such as the no-code Pallet Builder palletizing platform, our sophisticated MotoPick 4 picking solution, Yaskawa’s step-by-step RobotPro maintenance software, its MLX300 PLC integration solution, and its high-detail MotoSim robot simulation tool.

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