High speed vertical machining centre

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The new DMP 70 from DMG MORI offers a small footprint with an extensive work area.

The DMP 70’s 4.2 m² (45.2 sq. ft.) footprint is suitable for the production and medical technology sectors.

  • X/Y/Z travel paths: 700/420/380 mm (27.55/16.53/14.96 in.).
  • Enhanced thermal stability thanks to thermo-symmetrical machine design and optimum cooling concept
  • High precision due to direct absolute measuring systems as standard
  • Rapid traverses of 60 m/min (196 ft./min.) in all axes and up to 2 g acceleration
  • Extremely dynamic tool change with a chip-to-chip time of 1.5 seconds (15-tool magazine)
  • Flexible automation connection from the right, left or front of the machine
  • New DMG MORI Stealth design with inside work area doors and long-life surfaces
  • DMG MORI 19-in. SLIMline multi-touch control with Operate 4.8 on SIEMENS and 3D control technologies

The successor to DMG MORI’s MILLTAP 700 with its more than 3,000 machine installed base, the new DMP 70 is around 10 per cent smaller than the MILLTAP 700. DMG MORI has designed the compact production machine for applications in medical technology, job shop as well as the aerospace sector and other demanding industries. Travel paths of 700 x 420 x 380 mm (27.55/16.53/14.96 in.)and the optional integrated swivel/rotary table enable five axis simultaneous machining of a wide range of components, taking the burden off existing machines on the shop floor. Automation solutions such as the workpiece handling WH 3 Cell, which the DMP 70 will be presented with at the Open House in Pfronten, can be connected flexibly from the right or left. Connection from the front is also possible.

An end-to-end optimization of the machine concept has made the DMP 70 an extremely rigid production machine with a metal removal rate that is ten per cent higher than the MILLTAP 700. A wide grey cast iron machine bed, enlarged installation footprint and 35 mm (1.377 in.) linear guideways constitute the basis for up to 30 per cent faster machining of demanding workpieces. Additional stability has been achieved through the high-strength spindle – thanks to higher spring preload – and the sturdy tool magazine with metal clips.

The DMP 70 features user-friendly Stealth design with steep covers in the clearly visible work area and (optionally automatable) inside doors. These prevent chips from escaping to the outside. Scratchproof long-life surfaces protect against damage and boost the value retention of the machine.

The DMP 70 maximizes precision with its improved thermal stability with an optimized cooling concept. Direct absolute travel measuring systems provide a high level of positioning accuracy ensuring the production machine can meet the demands for high precision in its target sectors. Thanks to reduced tolerance of many machine components, the DMP 70 operates with an overall accuracy that is 60 per cent higher than that of the MILLTAP 700.

With rapid traverses of 60 m/min (196 ft./min.) in all axes and an acceleration of up to 2 g, the DMP 70 offers maximum dynamics. In its standard version the DMP 70 is equipped with an inline spindle with a speed of 10,000 rpm and 78 Nm torque. Its fast tool change and chip-to-chip times of 1.5 seconds also help ensure high productivity. The optimally accessible tool magazine has space for up to 15 tools with lengths up to 250 mm (9.84 in.) (25 tool pockets possible as an option).

The DMP 70’s SLIMline multi-touch control with 3D control technology enables users to simulate machining in advance.

The portfolio of options includes high-speed spindles, for example, various tables as well as coolant systems and chip conveyors. DMG MORI can connect the workpiece handling WH 3 Cell from both the left or right as well as from the front. The entire automation solution has a space requirement of just 8.8 m² (94.72 sq. ft.).

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