CMTS 2017

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SME Canada, the organizer of the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) wants to bring attendees an innovative experience like no other in the industry.

To do that, it’s partnering with other manufacturing-related organizations that for the first time will be co-located with CMTS 2017 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON. In addition to SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Canada and Rapid conference series that will be part of the CMTS experience, SME is partnering with five other industrial technology events: IAMD (Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Canada); CeMAT Canada; ComVac Canada, parts2clean Canada, and Hannover Messe.

Together, this enhanced CMTS experience is designed to bring the broader manufacturing community across the country together, says Julie Pike, SME Canada’s director of Canadian events.

“We know that SME’s flagship property in North America is IMTS and many people from across North America typically travel to that show, but CMTS is the main event for Canada’s manufacturing community and we’re trying to bring in more people from across the country by reaching out to our partners.”

Pike adds CMTS 2017 is significant because it’s also Canada’s 150th birthday and SME Canada is planning a host of events combined with the trade show to celebrate the country’s sesquicentennial. 

“One of the things we’ve tried to bring to life in 2017 is the current and future state of manufacturing in Canada and to tie this into Canada’s 150th birthday. For example, our keynote is futurist Jim Carroll, who also spoke at WMTS in Edmonton in June and part of his talk will be about disruptive trends in manufacturing. The intent of our conference is to help people understand how the world is changing around us and how manufacturers can use technologies.” SMT


CMTS 2017 is not just a trade show and conference and this year in particular, organizers have introduced special events around CMTS and new learning opportunities to enhance visitors’ CMTS experience. Here’s a rundown on some of the items worth exploring during your visit.

Opening Keynote
September 25 9:00 am to 10:00 am in the Orion Ballroom: “The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast”Futurist Jim Carroll explains the new world of manufacturing and why Canada’s manufacturing industry must embrace these coming trends.  

Renishaw Additive Manufacturing Facility Tour 
September 25 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Opening Night Celebration
September 25 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Conference Centre

Tech Talk
Making Canada a World Leader in Additive Manufacturing
September 25, 3:00 to 3:00 pm, The Hub (Hall 4)

Digital Manufacturing
Myths vs Reality
September 26, 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm, Conference Centre

Conference Delegates Reception
September 26, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Conference Centre

Panel Discussion
Apprenticeships with a Modern Twist – Addressing the Skills Gap
September 27, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Conference Centre

Job Shop Appreciation Night Reception
September 27, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, The Hub, Hall 4

Click here for a full list of events. 


LOCATION: The International Centre, Mississauga, ON

DATES: September 25-28, 2017

Monday, September 25, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday, September 26, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 27, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm



EXPECTED ATTENDANCE: 8,000 to 10,000


What you need to see at CMTS
To help you plan out your time at CMTS and ensure you don’t miss out on new and interesting products and technologies, we asked exhibitors to highlight a technology they think is worth seeing.


exhibitor: Heinman Machinery booth: 3009, 3008CNC lathes
exhibitor: Heinman Machinery booth: 3009, 3008
Two new Focus CNC lathes will be among four new machine tools Heinman Machinery plans to showcase at CMTS. The FNL-220LSY is a turn-mill machine with a 16-station turret, 8 in. hydraulic chuck for the main spindle and a 6 in. hydraulic chuck for the sub spindle. The FCL-130R slant bed lathe is equipped with an automatic load and unload system, a eight-station turret and a 6 in. hydraulic chuck. Both machines feature a Fanuc 0i-TF control. Other new machines on display will include the Microweily precision lathe with servo drive, the First DC servo drive milling machine, and a Dah Lih CNC vertical machining centre, the MCV-1060, available with a 4th and 5th axis rotary table.


exhibitor: Renishaw booth: 2318Parts manufacturing metrology software
exhibitor: Renishaw booth: 2318
NC-PerfectPart, developed by MSP, a Renishaw associate company, eliminates parts manufacturing problems typically discovered at final inspection. The company says the technology eliminates concessions, scrap and rework (including all their associated errors) in part machining, and reduces part setup times dramatically to guarantee parts are setup in the same number of minutes, every single time to stabilize machine shop schedules. From highly curved, composite skins to high value complex components, the five axis calibration and automated machine tool probing gives 100 per cent accuracy and quality. Benchmark reporting features help manufacturers understand how their machine tools are performing and identify any degradation. The software system can be used to check if tools or machinery have been installed correctly, or users can compare like for like machines to identify any flaws.


EMEC Machine ToolsHigh accuracy production lathe
exhibitor: EMEC Machine Tools booth: 2131, 2231
The Okuma Genos L3000 is a high speed, high accuracy horizontal production lathe that will make its North American debut at CMTS. It features a 30 hp main spindle with a 10 in. chuck, a 7 hp milling spindle, full NC tailstock and an “Eco Suite Energy” system. The one-saddle lathe is stronger and smaller than other models, and can cut a wide range of exotic materials. The compact footprint machine measures 2,489 x 1,880 mm (98 x 74 in.). Rigid guideways can handle powerful cutting capabilities, says the company. The machine performs turning, optional milling and a Y axis, all in a compact footprint.


Schunk booth: 3307Quick-change workholding
exhibitor: Schunk booth: 3307
Schunk’s Vero-S NSL quick change workholding and positioning system reduces setup times by 90 per cent, says the company. Infinite combinations are possible, as any workholding can be mounted on top, from a standard vise to a custom fixture, for a reliable and consistent changeover. For a micron-precise connection between machine table and workpiece, the clamping system makes optimal use of even the smallest machine table. Workpieces can be directly clamped and machined from five sides without restricting accessibility by screwing the clamping pins of the Quick-Change Pallet System directly into the workpiece. The components are then quickly exchanged in the machine, positioned, fixed, and clamped all in one step with a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005 mm. The clamping height of the workpieces can be adjusted with module height extensions, so the machine spindle can reach all five sides of the workpiece without any special tools. 


Lincoln Electric Co. of Canada booth: 1238CNC plasma cutting systems
exhibitor: Lincoln Electric Co. of Canada booth: 1238
The Torchmate 4400|4800 CNC plasma cutting systems are fully assembled, set up easily and are ready to run in 30 minutes from uncrating. The Torchmate 4400 is a 4 x 4 CNC plasma cutting table for users seeking a small table that offers built-in, high end, production-grade components and fits into any small-to-medium-sized fabrication shop. The Torchmate 4800 is a 4 x 8 CNC plasma cutting table with a larger cutting area that allows users to avoid additional shearing fees from steel suppliers.

Both tables include an integrated, intuitive touchscreen HMI with 27 part shape library and optional clip art gallery with over 6,000 files for easy art projects, an industrial grade user console with adjustable mounting arm, and a proprietary motion-control system. A standard 80 amp power supply delivers 65 per cent faster cut speeds and consumable cost savings of up to 45 per cent, providing exceptional repeatability with less dross and better edge quality that reduce post-process operations, says the company. Both systems produce cycle times that are 2.5 times faster than the previous Torchmate system.


Elliott Matsuura Canada booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360Compact CMM
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada  booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The Zeiss Contura CMM comes with a fixed passive sensor, a flexible RDS articulating probe holder, or with an active scanning probe. Depending on the configuration, ceramic or CARAT guideways are used for high rigidity, low thermal expansion and minimal moving weights. Air bearings in all three axes ensure consistent stability even at high travel speeds and acceleration. The bridge is subjected to dynamic forces that can affect accuracy, particularly while scanning. The Contura calculates the compensation for such inertia effects. This ensures that the required precision remains intact even at high measuring speeds. Options include High Temperature Gradient (HTG) for a larger temperature range with the same measuring uncertainty; an integrated sensor rack; QuickChange fast sensor changeout for active probes; and the Zeiss AirSaver for up to 60 per cent less consumption of compressed air, says the company.


Masteel Amerca Corp. booth: 2751Swiss turning centre
exhibitor: Masteel Amerca Corp.  booth: 2751
The Po Ly Gim Diamond 32CSB II Swiss turning centre offers front and back simultaneous machining as well as front and back separate machining and is equipped with four powered fixed tools on the back station. It offers front back C axis milling. The machine is equipped with five O.D. turning tools, six cross working driven tools, three front working driven tools and three back working driven tools. The 5° orientation function is a standard accessory on the machine and the CF axis is an optional accessory for the main spindle.


Haimer booth: 2627Tool presetting equipment
exhibitor: Haimer booth: 2627
Haimer’s Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines tool setting processes and reduces setup time by as much as 70 per cent, claims the company. It features ease-of-use (turn it on and go) software, and a stable base cast iron construction. The company offers a range of tool presetting equipment under the Microset name to fit different applications and budgets. The Uno series includes high-tech features not typically seen in entry level tool presetters, says Haimer. The Vio series offers reliability with high quality components.


Elliott Matsuura Canada  booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 23605 axis VMC
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada  booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The Matsuura MX-520 PC4 is a four-pallet automated version of its MX-520 single table five axis vertical machining centre. The machine comes equipped with 90 tools and an installed Universal Robot interface to maximize the automation potential. A Fanuc 31i is integrated with Matsuura’s original software. It is also designed for factory optimization and offers remote monitoring capabilities. A 12,000 rpm spindle is standard and a 20,000 rpm spindle for high speed machining of aluminum parts is an option.


Mitutoyo booth: 25302D vision measuring
exhibitor: Mitutoyo booth: 2530
QI-C Quick Image series is the latest addition to Mitutoyo’s lineup of 2D vision measuring systems. It features a wide field of view (32 x 24 mm), fully motorized X, Y stage and the latest QI PAK software to provide users with automated measurements throughout the range of stage travel. The Quick Image Telecentric optical system, combined with the image stitching capability of the QI Pak V5.3 software, allows for fully automated wide area measurements. The unit is available with 0.2x magnification, measuring accuracy of 3.5 + 0.2L µm, and measuring range options of 200 x 100 mm, 200 x 170 mm and 300 x 170 mm. The enhanced one-click measurement function enables measurement and tolerance judgment with a single mouse click, for either field of view or stitched images. Measurements are displayed in real time on the video image.


Machine Tool Systems booth: 2557New line of wire EDMs
exhibitor: Machine Tool Systems booth: 2557
GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles Cut P series of wire EDMs provide precise positioning and contouring capabilities and feature efficient power generators, robust designs and intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMIs). The series, which include models 350, 550, 800 and 1250, have automation options for lights out operation. The machines offer surface finishes as smooth as Ra 0.10 µm and boost cutting speeds by up to 20 per cent, claims the machine builder. The machines also feature the company’s collision protection technology in the X, Y, U, V and Z axes, that prevents potential machine damage even at maximum axis travel speeds of 3 m/min. Automation solutions such as Automatic Slug Management (ASM), Automatic Slug Welding (ASW) and a Renishaw probing system, reduce processing time by up to 20 per cent.


EOS North America booth: 2561Additive Manufacturing
exhibitor: EOS North America booth: 2561
EOS, a supplier of industrial 3D printing technologies for metals and polymers, was formed in 1989. The independent company plans to showcase its innovative and comprehensive solutions in additive manufacturing. Its product portfolio of EOS systems, materials, and process parameters gives customers crucial competitive advantages in terms of product quality and the long-term economic sustainability of their manufacturing processes.


Spark & Co. Machine Tools Inc. booth: 2687Abrasive waterjet cutting system
exhibitor: Spark & Co. Machine Tools Inc. booth: 2687
The Maxiem 1530 is a precision waterjet cutting machine from OMAX that features fast cutting speeds and is supported by the company’s Intelli-Max software with real world cutting data. The machine has a small footprint and the mobile control station allows operators direct access to the cutting process with storage for all of the tools and spares. The machine is designed with a sealed drive system to protect against water, dirt and grit. No tool changes and minimal fixturing reduces setup time. It has a standard programmable motorized Z axis with an OMAX MaxJet 5i nozzle for higher productivity and process efficiency.


Elliott Matsuura Canada booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360Multi-tasking machining robot
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The Nakamura-Tome NTRX-300 is a multi-tasking machining robot with automatic tool change, offering complete part machining in one operation. X and Y axis travels offer a wide machining range with an X axis travel 125 mm below the spindle centre for an even wider machining area. All of the units of the machine are located on the main frame vertically for high rigidity. The operator friendly design includes a spindle centre that is easy to reach thanks to a 450 mm distance from the machine front and a 1,100 mm height from the floor. The modular design means end users can choose from an R-spindle type or tailstock type machine.


LMT Onsrud booth: 3807Solid carbide end mills
exhibitor: LMT Onsrud booth: 3807
LMT Onsrud’s new line of solid carbide end mills, the MaxQ, feature new cutting geometry for maximum material removal, maximum tool life and minimal edge wear cutting on a variety of materials. The end mills are available in four and five flute configurations and provide the flexibility to slot, heavy profile mill and to finish. The company says the line is successful in a broad range of machining techniques from classic milling to high speed machining.


CGTech booth: 1309Machine simulation software
exhibitor: CGTech booth: 1309
Vericut 8.1 is CGTech’s latest version of its CNC machine simulation, verification and optimization software. The new version features an additive manufacturing (AM) module, enhanced support for Force optimization, a new grinder-dressing module, workpiece sectioning, an X-caliper measurement tool and report templates. The additive module simulates additive and traditional machining capabilities used in any order on hybrid CNC machines and checks accurate laser cladding and material deposition, detects collisions between the machine and the additive part and finds errors, voids and misplaced material. The Force features optimizes NC programs by analyzing cutting conditions. With support for grinding and dressing, users can now simulate dressing and the dynamic compensation needed while the dresser is used, even with the grinder is engaged with the part. The new Section dialog makes it easier and faster to see inside a part during simulation, while the X-Caliper  measuring tool identifies model thickness, length and width dimensions.


Ferro Technique booth: 2741Horizontal machining centre
exhibitor: Ferro Technique booth: 2741
The Doosan NHP 4000 is a high productivity horizontal machining centre built with a stable machine structure and a thermal distortion correction function. It features 1G axis acceleration/deceleration and is equipped with a high speed disc type tool magazine. Travel distance for X, Y and Z axis travels is 560 x 640 x 660 mm (22.0 x 25.2 x 26.0 in) respectively. A high speed built-in spindle is standard and it improves noise, vibration, productivity, working environment and machining accuracy, according to Doosan. The machine can handle a maximum workpiece measuring 630 mm (24.8 in.) in diameter by 900 mm (35.4 in.) in height and weighing 400 kg (881.8 lb).


Machine Tool Solutions booth: 2507Concentric, compensating 4-jaw chuck
exhibitor: Machine Tool Solutions   booth: 2507
The InoFlex is new clamping technology from HWR available in Canada from Machine Tool Solutions. HWR says it’s the first universal clamping tool for clamping round, rectangular and geometrically irregular parts. It offers four jaws for concentric and compensating clamping. It is available as a manual chuck with a diameter range of 160 to 1,200 mm and as a power chuck 160 to 1,000 mm diameter.


DMG MORI Canada booth 2518Vertical milling
exhibitor: DMG MORI Canada booth 2518
The CMX series of vertical milling machines (CMX 600 V, 800 V and 1100 V) can accommodate workpiece weights of up to 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) and provides travel paths of 676 x 559 x 513 mm (26.6 x 22 x 20.2 in.) for the smallest model, and up to 1,100 x 559 x 513 mm (43.3 x 22 x 20.2 in.) for the largest model. Rapid traverses are 30 m/min in all axes with Fanuc control even at 36 m/min in X and Y axes. The machine is equipped with a 12,000 rpm spindle and a 15,000 rpm option on the CMX 110 V model. A tool magazine with 30 tool pockets is standard. The machine is built with a FEM-optimized cast iron bed and C frame design with a 1,000 kg load capacity.


Blum-Novotest booth: 2781Roughness gauge
Blum-Novotest’s new roughness gauge, the TC64, integrates on CNC machining centres offering automated surface finish analysis of a part while it is still in its originally clamped cutting position, something the company says is a first for the industry. In the past, a reliable method of surface finish analysis could only be performed post machining with a profilometer. By comparison, the new line of roughness gauges analyze surface finish on the machining centre so the manufacturer is now able to identify errors in surface finish prior to part removal and is able to do so faster and on various contoured surfaces. For example, an operator of a five axis machining centre can now scan contours in various axes simultaneously, and do so at speeds 18x faster, neither of which are possible on conventional profilometers. Surface data such as Ra, Rz, and Rmax values are also viewed in real-time via the machine’s control and data is sampled at over 1,000 hz per second while maintaining micron accurate results and repeatability.


Masteel   booth: 2751Five axis machine
exhibitor: Masteel   booth: 2751
The Leadwell T-6SMY is a multi-tasking turning centre with a Y axis rotary turret and C axis main plus sub-spindles. The Y axis is orthogonal, which runs perpendicular to the X axis for dead zone elimination for the largest Y axis coverage in its machine size class, says the company. The Z axis runs on roller ways, while the X+Y axes run on boxways, with equal chuck diameters on both spindles for equal part size holdings. For high rigidicty, the machine uses BMT55 bolt-on rotary toolholders and is equipped with an automatic tool setter and a Fagor 8060 CNC control.


Elliott Matsuura Canada booth 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360Double column bridge type machine
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada booth 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The Hurco BX40i double column bridge type machine provides accuracy and high surface finish capabilities, according to the builder. While designed for the mould market and aerospace industry, the BX40i meets the needs of any high speed machining application that requires tighter tolerances while allowing the machine to operate at optimum spindle speeds due to the machine design. With the double column design, there is less tool deflection and less vibration compared to a single column CNC machine and less thermal deformation due to the fact that the heat only affects the bridge structure in a straight line instead of occurring on both the X and Y axes. The spindle is closer to the mass of the machine on a double column machine, which provides increased rigidity. Additionally, the BX40i is built with size 45 roller rails on all axes and linear scales are standard.


 Mittman Industrial Equipment booth: 2101Broaching, hobbing unit for lathes
exhibitor: Mittman Industrial Equipment booth: 2101
WTO’s new toolholders for CNC lathes, available from Mittmann Industrial Equipment, include broaching units designed for economical manufacturing of keyways and splines. The maximu usable stroke length is 32 mm (1 1/4 in.) and the stroke frequency is 1,000 per min. Gear hobbing units are made for manufacturing of gears using CNC turn centres. They can be installed at the same time on the machine turret and operated like milling toolholders.


Ferro Technique booth: 2741Versatile bed mill
exhibitor Ferro Technique booth: 2741
The TRAK DPM SX5P from Southwestern Industries Inc. is a versatile bed mill that operates in CNC or manual mode and is suitable for tool room, overhaul and repair, maintenance and educational use. The machine is equipped with the ProtoTRAK SMX control with two or three axis CNC programmability and three axis DRO. It features a 5 hp spindle motor and a 40 taper spindle. Axis travels are 1,016 x 508 x 597 mm (40 x 20 x 23.5 in.) respectively. The table size is 1,270 x 305 mm (50 x 12 in.).


SMS Machine	booth: 2731Vertical machining centre
exhibitor: SMS Machine booth: 2731
The new Hyundai WIA high performance KF5600 vertical machining centre available from SMS Machine Tools is equipped with a 20 hp, 8,000 rpm or 25 hp, 12,000 rpm high speed direct coupled spindle driven directly by the motor (no belts), which simplifies the drive system structure, reduces noise and vibration, and lowers heat generation. For high speed cutting, the machine is available with a built-in spindle drive in the 15,000 or 20,000 rpm models. It features 3.2 second chip-to-chip quick tool change time and a 30-tool magazine as standard (40-tool magazine option). Rapid feedrates for X, Y and Z are 40/40/36 m/min (1,575/1,575,/1,417 ipm) respectively. For mould machining, the machine comes standard with the company’s All-In-One mould package with a 20,000 rpm spindle.


Megatel Inc. booth: 23685 axis VMCs
exhibitor: Megatel Inc. booth: 2368
The Huron MA series of vertical machining centres, MX 8, MX 10 and MX 12, are designed for large complex workpieces (up to 4,000 kg) enabling machining in five axes on five sides in one setup part clamping from roughing to finishing and turning operations. The head is equipped with an integrated high torque motor spindle for high material removal rates. The head is designed on a 45° plane that allows for tilting from -45° to +180°. The machine offers two working positions, vertical and horizontal. Spindle vibration monitoring allow for high levels of harmonic stability, says the company. The machine offers maximum capacity of chip removal in roughing due to its spindle (torque, power and speed) and a high degree of accuracy and quality when machining finishing of 3D surface


Ferro Technique booth: 2741Robotic machining cell
exhibitor Ferro Technique booth: 2741
Hartford’s Robocell automation, consisting of a Fanuc robot and Hartford’s LG 500 vertical machining centre, will be on display to showcase the company’s robotic machining offerings. The Robocell system offers cloud based ordering, automatic machining and completed reporting. A 2D scanner is capable of recognizing workpiece positions and shapes when clamping and unclamping parts. It is equipped with remote monitoring. A laser scanner monitors the working area and immediately stops the robot when someone enters the machining area. The user friendly robot means anyone without professional experience can operate the system, according to the company.


Waldrich Coburg North America 	booth: 3611Large part machining centre
exhibitor: Waldrich Coburg North America booth: 3611
The new Taurus machining centre is designed for large part machining and features what the company says is the best price/performance ratio machine in the market and the only wear-free machine in its class. The machine is available in Canada through distributor Natex Machinery. The new machine, available in two models, Taurus 25 and Taurus 30, is designed and built in Germany. The five sided, five axis machine features major machine components made from high quality cast iron for superior damping characteristics. Castings are constructed with thick walls and strong ribbing to guarantee stability and rigidity. Stiffness and damping are the basic criteria for high productivity and precision. All guideways are true hydrostatic pump-per-pocket-design with zero contact of sliding components. This results in no wear, high dynamic stiffness, and smooth motion for trouble free operation. Absolute measuring scales, state of the art digital drives, and optimized mechanical drive components allow for precise motion control.


CECOR booth: 1604Electric sump cleaner
exhibitor: CECOR booth: 1604
CECOR will showcase its new single-phase electric 60 gal Sump Shark sump cleaner with live demos. With a suction lift of 13 in. Hg or 177 in. water and pumping rate of 60 gal/min, the SE15-60PL can suck up an entire sump of metalworking fluid entrained with sludge or chips in just minutes. The company plans to replicate a 30 gal sump with metal chips, sludge, gravel and water and demonstrate how it can suck out the entire tank in 30 seconds. The SE15-60PL has the same space-saving vertical design as the SA5-60PL (air) unit, but can be plugged into any standard 110v electric unit. This plug ’n play feature makes the SE15-60PL convenient to use in a variety of locations. The unit comes complete with hoses, quick-disconnect coupler, suction tools and filter bags. Optional F23 filter (2.3 cu.ft.) is available for coolant heavy with chips and swarf. DF4 discharge filter is available for finest filtering.


Creaform booth: 1075Optical measuring system
exhibitor: Creaform booth: 1075
Creaform’s latest generation MaxShot Next, an optical coordinate measuring system for large scale metrology, is designed for product development, manufacturing, quality control and inspection in the aerospace, automotive, transportation and heavy industries sectors. It offers high measurement accuracy and repeatability for large scale projects between two and ten meters. Designed with user guidance technology and easy-to-use software, it’s suitable for users of any level, even for non-metrology experts. The system recently won the 2017 Red Dot Award for product design.


Mazak Canada booth:  2560Hybrid additive multi-tasking machine
exhibitor: Mazak Canada booth:  2560
Mazak’s VC500 AM hybrid multi-tasking machine features additive and subtractive part processing capabilities in one machine. The machine is a culmination of Mazak’s expertise in building multi-tasking machines, experience with fiber laser technology, additive knowledge and efficient Kentucky Mazak iSMART Factory manufacturing operations. It processes small complex parts and features a robust, high performance spindle that powers through all common materials from steel and aluminum to cast iron. The machine’s 60-tool capacity magazine and automatic tool changer deliver rapid part setups and shorten non-cut times.


Elliott Matsuura Canada  booth 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360Multi-function punch press
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada  booth 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The LVD Strippit PX series punch press combines punching, forming, bending and tapping in a single machine for complete workpiece processing, even for complex three dimensional parts. It’s designed with the Pullmax single head concept to provide high speed punching of up to 505 hits per minute on 25 mm centres and up to 1660 hits per minute marking stroke. The machine can bend parts up to 90 mm in length with bends up to 75 mm high. It features 20 tool stations that can hold any size tool.


Mitcham Machine Tools booth: 2218Automatic lathe 
exhibitor: Mitcham Machine Tools booth: 2218
The INDEX C100 is an automatic lathe with three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counter spindle. The space-saving machine is designed for fast production of medium complexity turned parts from bar stock from 30 t0 42 mm diameter. Suitable for small to medium lot sizes, the three-turret machine delivers high performance within a small floor space, according to INDEX. It’s designed to handle fixed headstock work often run on Swiss-type machines. It has 42 quick-change tools, fixed and drive, high horsepower and high torque but with the rpm typical of Swiss-style machines.


UNISIG booth: 1337Deep hole drilling machine
exhibitor: UNISIG booth: 1337
The new B700 Drop Bed machine effectively generate the critical, high precision features on large and irregularly shaped aerospace components such as landing gear struts. Conversely, the flexibility of the machine allows it to also process medium sized, more uniform shaped workpieces with minimal changeover time. The machine offers an expansive working range with its servo programmable workpiece headstock capability, yet it sports a streamlined overall footprint. The B700 machine expands UNISIG’s extensive B-series line designed for on-centre drilling of cylindrical workpieces in applications such as aerospace, defense and oil and gas. The machines are capable of counterboring, trepanning and skiving as well as roller burnishing processes.


Elliott Matsuura Canada booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360Compact machining centre
exhibitor: Elliott Matsuura Canada booth: 2061, 2148, 2348, 2360
The Brother Speedio S700X1 is a compact machining centre with a high torque direct drive 13.5 hp spindle motor and a synchronized 8,000 rpm tapping capability. It features fast spindle acceleration/deceleration and a new Brother COO control. X, Y and Z axis travels are 699, 399 and 300 mm (27.5, 15.7 and 11.8 in.) respectively. Tool-to-tool tool change time is 0.8 seconds.


Autodesk booth: 2314 Manufacturing software
exhibitor: Autodesk booth: 2314 
The 2018 releases of PowerMill, FeatureCAM (which includes PartMaker), PowerShape and PowerInspect feature new functionality and a new ribbon interface to simplify the experience for new and existing users. The Dynamic Machine control provides enhanced tools to optimize five axis machine motion and includes upgraded simulation tools. New in PowerShape 2018 is the ability to control 2D sketches with parameters, allowing users to create the parametric components needed for 3D mould tool design. PowerShape 2018 further enhances the surface modelling tools needed to create complex moulds and dies. Other improvements include automatic orientation for parallel finishing toolpaths, based on the region being machined, the ability to use the axis limits of the machine tool to automatically determine a standard or alternate position, in 3+2 positioning, and programming for Swiss-type lathes. FeatureCAM Ultimate gives users PartMaker for precision machining on Swiss-type lathes.


I-Cubed Industry Innovators booth: 1119Ultrasonic cutting
exhibitor: I-Cubed Industry Innovators       booth: 1119
Robotic ultrasonic cutting is the process of vibrating a horn or blade at high frequency but low amplitudes. I-Cubed has integrated the robot and ultrasonic technologies together. By adding an ultrasonic cutting system to the end of a robot arm, we can trim parts. Using ultrasonic cutting either as a tool on the robot or a remote tool offers a unique cutting solution to manufacturers. I-Cubed features four robotic technologies: ultrasonic cutting, waterjet cutting, high definition plasma and online inspection. While the technologies aren’t new, the utilization of the technologies as an offline programmed robotic system are new. With the utilization of calibrated robot arms, offline programming and simulation, and proven cutting technologies, small to medium companies can make use of the technology.


Emuge booth: 2791End mills for trochoidal milling
exhibitor: Emuge booth: 2791
New end mills for trochoidal milling feature a unique geometry and chip breakers for higher performance. They provide increased metal removal rates of more than 30 per cent, fewer toolpaths and longer tool life, while enabling a high axial depth of cut of up to 4 xD, according to the company. The end mills feature low vibration characteristics such as variable spacing, variable helix angles and improved micro-geometries, as well as new high performance coatings of TiN/TiALN or ALCR and a sub-micro grain carbide substrate. They’re available in two cutting geometries: Jet-Cut for roughing and finishing in steel; and coolant-through TiNox-Cut for roughing in tough materials. Standard and long-length rougher/finishers with flute length/diameter ratios of 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 are available for a wide range of materials.




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