Three Index machines to make North American debut at IMTS 2022

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Index has announced that IMTS 2022 will host the North American debut of the company’s next generations of its G220 turn mill centre, MS32-6 CNC multi-spindle and TNL12 sliding headstock lathe.

The company will also be presenting information on the latest additions to its iX4.0 Industry 4.0 platform, as well as providing space for the demonstration of a metal 3D printer by its subsidiary One Click Metal.

The new G220 incorporates and refines the design principles introduced via the larger G320, G420 and G520 machines. With twin spindles, dual tool turrets, a five axis milling spindle and high-capacity tool magazine, the machine can easily produce a wide variety of parts in a single setup.

Index’s G Series machines are based on a rigid vibration damping machine bed in a mineral cast block design. Each machine in the series combines optimal stability and damping properties with high dynamics and generously dimensioned linear guides in the X and Z axes.

The G220’s powerful milling spindle offers a hydrodynamically mounted Y/B axis arranged above the axis of rotation. Each of the machine’s turrets provides movement along the X, Y & Z axes and each of the turrets’ stations can be equipped with live tooling. Additionally, the G220’s large workspace and internal layout enables simultaneous machining with the milling spindle and both turrets. Combined, these features allow incredible flexibility to cut varied part features and geometries with extremely high efficiency.

Index MS32-6 CNC multi-spindle

The new MS32-6 CNC multi-spindle features a modular design that achieves flexibility and fast, user-friendly setups, bringing the benefits of multi-spindle production to a much broader range of applications.

Accommodating up to 32 mm bar stock, the MS32-6 easily handles a wide variety of complex parts, as the machine is equipped with two v-shaped cross slides at each spindle position. Each cross slide offers X and Z axes as standard, and C and Y axes, together with live tools, can also be implemented to allow for a broad range of machining processes, including off-center drilling, threading, contouring, hobbing and polygonal turning. Each of the machines’ slides can also be alternatively configured with a single NC axis for grooving or drilling.

Index TNL12 sliding headstock lathe

Comprehensively redesigned from its previous iteration, the new TNL12 sliding headstock lathe, like its predecessor, features four tool carriers that can be applied to a workpiece simultaneously, albeit with significant changes to the machine’s kinematics. While the front-working attachment and counter spindle were previously arranged on a single slide, they are now housed on separate slides. This eliminates potential interdependence between front-end and counter spindle machining, allowing for much greater flexibility in programming. Additionally, this design reduces the mass of both elements, allowing for faster and more dynamic machine response.

The features enabling rear-end machining also have undergone substantial changes. While the former model of the machine offered X-axis machining on the counter spindle, the new TNL12 provides full three axis machining in this position. A new back-working attachment offer six tool stations, with up to four allowing live tooling, as well as a flushing unit.

Index will also be demonstrating the expanded capabilities of iX4.0, the company’s Industry 4.0/IoT platform, at IMTS 2022. A wide variety of new apps have been added to the platform, giving manufacturers the tools needed to monitor, gather and analyze data on machine performance. Each Index machine includes 12 months of access to iX4.0.

Index’s booth will also feature a metal 3D printer from One Click Metal. A subsidiary of Index, One Click Metal is an additive manufacturing solutions provider dedicated to the vision of making the technology user friendly and accessible to all manufacturers.

Index will be located in booth 339119 in the South Building.

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