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The Surface Tension Transfer (STT) welding process from Lincoln Electric has been expanded to work on thin-gauge materials.

The new AC STT waveform provides a complete solution for welding thin sheet metal from 24 Ga (0.6mm) and up, while accommodating for poor fit-up and gap conditions.
STT, a modified, short-circuit GMAW process, originally was engineered as a low-spatter solution for root-pass pipe welding. It’s cold enough to bridge gaps but also hot enough to produce a robust back bead.
AC STT combines STT’s low-spatter technology with the control heat-input characteristics of AC GMAW welding – helping to further reduce burn through while maintaining high deposition rates.
AC STT is available as a free waveform upgrade for the Power Wave S500, R500 and R450 with the Advanced Module.

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