Waldrich Coburg introduces new machine for large part machining TaurusClick image to enlarge

Waldrich Coburg's new Taurus machining centre is designed for large part machining that features what the company says is the best price/performace ratio machine in the market and the only wear-free machine in its class. The machine is available in Canada through distributor Natex Machinery Group.

The new machine, available in two models, Taurus 25 and Taurus 30, is designed and built in Germany. The five side, five axis machine features major machine components made from high quality cast iron for superior damping characteristics. Castings are constructed with thick walls and strong ribbing to guarantee stability and rigidity. Stiffness and damping are the basic criteria for high productivity and precision.

Waldrich Coburg Taurus 30Click image to enlarge

All guideways are true hydrostatic pump-per-pocket-design with zero contact of sliding components. This results in no wear, high dynamic stiffness, and smooth motion for trouble free operation.

Absolute measuring scales, state of the art digital drives, and optimized mechanical drive components allow for precise motion control.

Milling head

Sixteen hydrostatic pockets encapsulate the TAURUS-RAM creating tremendous stiffness and smooth precise linear motion.

The RAM has an integrated C-axis with infinitely variable positioning. During roughing operations the C-axis is clamped in position. The 5-axis machining package adds multi-axis contour milling capabilities.

The machining process is supported by the excellent damping properties of highly precise wear free hydrostatic guideways. The temperature of the hydrostatic oil is maintained based on the temperature of the surrounding environment, allowing the machine to maintain its accuracy even in changing ambient conditions. Additional power-hungry temperature control devices can be eliminated. The machine remains accurate even in an unfavorable environment.

The latest digital drive technology and absolute measuring systems enable energy-optimized operation with high precision and low maintenance.

Energy recovery has been in use on Waldrich Coburg machines for decades, says the company. The space optimized X axis transmission is designed and built by the company. With almost all parts manufactured in-house, spare parts can be supplied even after many years of operation.

The Taurus 25 model features a table measuring 2,000 x 4,000 mm with 2,000 mm clearance between the table an dthe veritcal spindle and 2,500 mm clearance between the portal columns. X, Y and Z axis travels are 5,000, 3,500, 1,500 mm respetively. It is built with a fixed crossrail.

The Taurus 30 model is equipped with a table measuring 2,500 x 5,000 mm or 2,800 x 5,000 mm with 3,000 mm clearance between the table and vertical spindle and 3,000 mm clearance between the portal columns. X, Y, Z and W axis travels are 6,000, 4,000, 1,500 and 2,000 mm respectively. This model is designed with a 2,000 mm NC adjustable crossrail.

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