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The Multus U3000 general purpose multitasking two saddle CNC lathe from Okuma is designed to reduce setup time, improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum.

 Built with heavy-duty construction, the Multus U3000 provides a sturdy platform for long-term rigidity and accuracy. It’s excellent for machining process intensive parts, such as those for aerospace, automotive, oil/energy, medical and construction customers.
The Multus U3000 has a maximum machining diameter of 25.6” and bed length of 39.4.” This CNC lathe is equipped with a comprehensive package of Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies (Thermo-Friendly Concept, Collision Avoidance System and Machining Navi) and a variety of efficiency features which make it an “Intelligent Multitasking Machine.”
Optional five axis machining is available for complex milling operations. The newest version of this machine comes equipped with the OSP-P300 control with a 19” monitor and the new OSP suite and ECO suite applications.
The complete multitasking solution includes:
• Flexible CNC machining from all directions – A highly rigid traveling column allows for powerful cutting along the entire Y axis.
• Extended specs for a variety of applications – 17 diverse variations in specs, including multiple bed lengths, optional W sub -spindle and optional lower turret, are available to provide a specific solution that matches application requirements.
• Maximum milling or turning performance – For highly efficient cutting of difficult to machine materials and a wide variety of CNC machining applications.
• Thermo Friendly Concept – Provides long, stable machining accuracy with structural design and thermal deformation control technology.
• Shorter setup time and prevention of collisions – The OSP-P300S control reduces keyboard operations by 50 per cent and maximizes uptime with its Collision Avoidance System.
• Machining Navi (optional) – Maximizes tool performance by choosing the optimal speed(s) at which the machine can avoid chatter.
• Operator friendly design – Easy tool loading from the machine front, improved spindle access for faster setup times, and smooth chip discharge for better flows.

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