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Abicor Binzel's new ABIMIG SpinArc is designed to create a more consistent weld, claims the company.

Using a patented spin technology, the system uses centrifugal force that produces molten droplets of metal to create the consistent weld.

SpinArc rotates up to 5,000 rpm. This means a faster, more productive weld at less cost. Beveling is no longer needed with the SpinArc. It is perfect for Square Butt Joint, Fillet, Clad Overlay, and Vertical Down welding. Contact tip extensions allow for deep, narrow, grooved welds in any of these applications.

Ideally used as a machine torch, SpinArc comes with a digital control box for easy and precise spin speed control. With the torch motion being gearless, SpinArc is durable, low-maintenance and doesn't require lubrication.

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