Gasparini AIC AirSlide  pneumatic tool adapters for press brakesClick image to enlarge

Gasparini has introduced self-aligning tool clamping without compressed air piping, AIC AirSlide pneumatic tool adapters for press brakes.

The new pneumatic sliding tool adapters AIC AirSlide (patent pending) are a revolution in the world of press brake tool clamping. An innovative compressed air distribution system allows you to move them along the entire length of the ram in any position. There is no air piping or other connections to be set.

You can position them in the desired point, with just the push of a finger: you don't need  any tools and there are no idle times. Intermediate adapters can be removed or added in any combination, with no air leaks. Moreover, they're self-aligning: when hydraulic clamping is activated, intermediates are immediately rested on the ram. No test bends are needed to align the elements.

Arrange tool adapters easily and quickly without the hassle of air piping with Gasparini's patented AIC AirSlide system

  • no connection piping, not even on brackets
  • can be positioned at any point along the ram, with no leaks
  • no need for special tools, just the push of a finger
  • no idle times can be added or removed in any combination
  • self-aligning: no test bends required for correct resting

Watch the tool adatpers in action here.

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