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Fast and reliable milling of stainless steel, titanium, heat resistant alloys or even CrCo- alloys is a big challenge for many manufacturers and Mikron Tool has launched CrazyMill Cool a product family that promises a solution in a diameter range from 0.3 mm (.012 in.) to 8 mm (.315 in.), claims the company.

CrazyMill Cool Ball is the newest product of this line for roughing and finishing when copy milling, contour milling or face milling. The carbide end mill in the diameter range from 0.3 to 8 mm (.012” in. to .315 in.) and for cutting depths of 2 xd / 3 xd or 5 xd has been developed specially for industries where stainless steel, super alloys and CrCo-alloys are the daily business.

A straight collaboration with competent partners like carbide producers or coating specialists and the integration of different factors such as tool geometry, grinding technology or coolant supply results in high cutting speeds and surface quality in roughing as well as in finishing. Mikron Tool says that CrazyMill Cool is the only end mill in this diameter range with integrated coolant channels with the outlet located on the shank taper. They feed the cutting edges continuously with a consistent coolant jet and flush the chips away from the cutting zone.

The form of the channels is designed such to permit a maximum quantity of coolant even at lower pressure without reducing the stability of the tool. However, the smallest diameters (from 0.3 mm / .012 in.) with a 3 mm (.12 in.) shank diameter need a coolant pressure of 15 bar to guarantee a good cooling effect.

Besides an efficient cooling there are other parameters responsible for the tool's high performance. The grinding secondary angle guarantees a vibration free machining and (combined with a high cutting speed) a high surface quality.

Changing the infeed ap and ae means the tool can be used for roughing or for finishing. When roughing it is possible to go with a vertical infeed ap up to 1 xd and a horizontal infeed ae up to 0.3 xd. When finishing, infeed has to be reduced to ap max. 0.5 xd and to ae 0.05 to 0.15 xd (depending on the required surface quality). Roughing means working in a vertical position, for finishing it’s recommended working in an inclined angle of 10 to 15 degrees.

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