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Vernon Tool, a Lincoln Electric company, has developed a new robotic tube cutting and profiling system, the Vernon Tool Razor for high production tube and pipe fabricators in heavy fabrication, agricultural, construction, vehicle and tube frame manufacturing.

The new system improves productivity and quality by consolidating the typical multi-step fabrication process–set-up, layout, manual/CNC machining and end prep–into one easy operation. The ability to take 3D models (CAD) to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is provided, eliminating the time consuming teach and learn programming process.  Additionally, the system is outfitted with a large pre-loaded cut library, providing maximum tube and pipe configuration flexibility.

The standard configuration for the Razor includes a six axis Fanuc Robotics ARC Mate 100iC industrial robot, Fanuc R-30iA controller, servo-driven two axis positioning carriage, four-jaw idler and plasma cutting unit.  It can process tubes with cross sectional dimensions up to 292 mm (11.5 in.) 2.4  m x 2.4 m x 3 m (8 x 8, 10 x 4) and overall lengths up to 12 m (40 ft). Depending on the material being cut, maximum cutting speeds of up to 320 ipm can be achieved with optional high definition plasma cutting equipment.

The WinMPM Windows-based operating system developed by VernonTool powers the Razor. Its easy-to-use, icon-driven touch screen system interface makes operator training and implementation seamless, allowing fabricators to get up and running within hours, not days.

Vernon Tool

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