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ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has announced that its Renegade ET 300iP DC TIG/Stick inverter has received the Red Dot Award for product design in the Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Automation category.

“We would like to thank the Red Dot Award judges, who recognized that the Renegade design focused on solving customer problems through mechanical and electrical design innovations,” says Martin Freibergs, business product manager, ESAB. “Our voice-of-customer process enabled us to build a machine that not only looks very different from traditional welding machines but also addresses many of their shortcomings. Renegade’s innovations can be summarized as portability, power and performance.”
The Renegade ET 300iP features an extreme power-to-weight ratio in a compact format, weighs 37 lbs., measures 12.6 x 7.8 x 18.11 in. and runs 300 amps at 40 per cent duty cycle with leads and welding cables up to 110 yards and has excellent multi-voltage capabilities. It connects to 230 V 1-phase power and 230 V to 480 V 3-phase power (both ±10 percent) with auto-sensing functionality and no rewiring required. A compact format, multi-handle design and integrated cable management system make it easy to carry and bring to any job site. Renegade features a composite housing that can withstand extreme impact and drops better than any other machine on the market. The handles are constructed and positioned to protect connectors and the panel from rough welding environments.
“Compact power and multi-voltage capabilities provide an advantage in applications where welding machines are used for both shop and field fabrication,” says Freibergs. “Typical applications are prefabrication assembly work and field installation in pipe, petrochemical, shipyard, offshore, construction, repair and maintenance applications.”
For shop use, Renegade ET 300iP converts from a water-cooled system to an air-cooled portable system in minutes, and conversion does not require tools. In terms of fleet management for larger companies and rental businesses, Renegade simplifies acquisition and maintenance, as a single machine can meet many application and location needs.
Renegade has a pulse TIG frequency of up to 999 pulses per second (PPS) and a peak pulse width (or duration) adjustable between 10 and 90 per cent. Stainless steel fabricators and those working with thin metals or other heat sensitive applications use pulsed TIG to reduce heat input, narrow the weld profile and increase travel speed.
Renegade can weld with Stick electrodes up to 1/4-in. and has gouging capabilities with carbons up to 3/16-in. diameter, making it the most powerful welder in its weight class. As a next-generation inverter, Renegade’s MMA performance is enhanced by built-in intelligence for optimising starts and stops and controlling arc stability for less spatter.

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