OMAX Corporation is now shipping its new ProtoMAX personal abrasive waterjet.

OMAX ProtoMAX with lid openClick image to enlarge

The ProtoMAX is a compact, self-installed cutting system ideally suited for prototyping and relatively low volume cutting of almost any material around 1" thick. It is designed for prototyping, light industry, technical education, artists and the maker movement.

The ProtoMAX has the versatility of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a sleek and economic package that is perfect for small job shops, engineering classrooms, makerspaces and personal use. It is also a handy addition for large shops and fabricators that need occasional waterjet capabilities to complement their other cutting systems.

OMAX manufactures the ProtoMAX at the OMAX facility in Kent, Washington, and all parts are designed to work together as a complete, integrated system.

“Shipping the ProtoMAX is the culmination of nearly five years of product development,” said Stephen Bruner, vice president of marketing at OMAX Corporation. “Our early customers represent a spectrum of users from education to prototyping to small scale production.”

Customers placing orders can expect the ProtoMAX to ship within two to four weeks. Those interested in purchasing the ProtoMAX should place orders directly at the company’s web site. The site includes design ideas, specifications, frequently asked questions and a community section to support ProtoMAX enthusiasts.

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