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Miller ProHeat Rolling Inductor with Accessories

October 17, 2017

The new patent-pending Dualtec manifold system from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. features six interior vents and dual air speeds for high-performance airflow output and maximized perceived cooling. An overall balanced design reduces neck torque, and shoulder straps alleviate lower back pain.

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Sandvik Coromant's new toolholders for its PrimeTurning concept

October 15, 2017

Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new range of CoroTurn Prime multi-task and axial type toolholders to help machine shops implement its new PrimeTurning methodology, which enables turning in all directions.

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Sumitomo new turning grades for cast iron

October 12, 2017

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc., has introduced new turning grades for cast iron, AC401K and AC4015K.

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Salvagnini FC PR

October 5, 2017

FlexCell is an automated kit blanking and short run bending system from Salvagnini that combines press brake and panel bending technologies to provide a fast and profitable way to form parts.

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OMAX ProtoMAX lid open

October 5, 2017

OMAX Corporation announced the release of the new ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet, a compact, self-installed cutting system  suited for prototyping and relatively low volume cutting of almost any material under 2 in. thick.

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Norton R920 Flap Wheels

October 5, 2017

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has recently introduced Norton Blaze R920 Ceramic Alumina Flap Wheels which are designed to deliver a smooth finish with a fast rate of cut. The wheels are ideal for aggressive grinding and precision finishing, blending, deburring, cleaning, and producing uniform finishes on tough parts that are manufactured in hard-to-grind materials including super alloys, stainless steel, and cobalt.

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Esco Tool's new saw and track system for cutting pressure vessels

October 5, 2017

A saw and track system for cutting pressure vessels up to 60” in diameter in preparation for hydrostatic testing and complete fabrication is being introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

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CHIRON DZ08 FX Precision Vertical Machining Center

October 5, 2017

CHIRON has introduced its new vertical twin spindle five axis machining centre, DZ08 FX Precision+. 

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Hexagon Manufacturing Leica Absolute Scanner LAS 20 8 scanning with AT960 in the background

September 29, 2017

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence recently announced the launch of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960-SR, a lower-budget addition to the AT960 range of laser trackers.

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