Chevalier's Smart Grind machines available from Heinman Machinery in CanadaClick image to enlarge

The Chevalier Smart-III series of multi-function CNC surface grinders available in Canada from Heinman Machinery, are capable of producing high accurate micro finishes of 5 RMS or better.

Positioning accuracy ranges from 0.004 mm (0.00015 in.) to 0.005 mm (0.00023 in.) with a repeatability of 0.003mm (0.00012 in.) to 0.006 mm (0.00023 in.).

The machine's movements are programmable in increments of 0.001 mm (0.0001 in.). The machine is equipped with the company's new control and TaskLink feature, which has the capability to take different conversational programs and link them together to grind almost anything, says Chevalier.

The 12 machines in the series feature a spindle motor up to 18 kW (25 hp) and table size up to 600 x 2,000 mm (24 x 89 in.).

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