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LMT Onsrud has launched and significantly expanded its offerings in seven key product series.

Included in the expansion are key introductions in DFC routers, solid carbide end mills as well as PCD engravers. The timing of the launches represents an effort to help partnering distributors more easily sell LMT Onsrud products.

“Starting with these launches – and what you’re going to see in the future – we will be bringing new products to market in a more consistent manner,” explained Mark Hemmerling, LMT Onsrud’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “We’re confident this approach will simplify things for distributor partners that sell our products and allow users of our products the ability to better forecast product consumption and tooling upgrades.”

First of the expansions comes with significant additions to several series of DFC routers. “With these series, we focused on designing these tools as if they were a family,” said LMT Onsrud product manager Jennifer Neubauer. “When you spec in a tool for roughing, or finishing, or even semi-finishing, we’ve found that leveraging products with similar design characteristics helps deliver a better overall piece-part quality as a whole.”

The new 66 Series lineup stacks up as follows:

66-500 The Multi-Purpose Rougher/Semi-Finisher

66-700 The Finisher

66-750 The Semi-Finisher

66-775 The Rougher

66-800 The All-Around Router

LMT Onsrud has also added more than 100 SKUs to its MaxQ line of solid carbide end mills. Designed to maximize machine performance while being run at maximum speed and feed rates, the MaxQ offering now includes an increased offering of five-flute end mills in various corner radii including ballnose tools. The MaxQ end mill line comes in four and five flute configurations and includes Weldon-style offerings as well. The augmentation to the line brings the total number of products under the MaxQ umbrella to more than 600.

The final highlight from the new product summit was the introduction of 68-500 Series PCD engravers. Designed with extreme tool life in mind, these engravers are available with an included angle of 60 degrees and in three tip diameters (.010 mm, .020 mm, .030 mm) and can be used to engrave within very abrasive materials.

The introductions were announced at LMT Onsrud’s semi-annual product summit at North American headquarters in Waukegan, IL.

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