The GEKA Hydracorp 220 SD Semi-PaxyClick image to enlarge

COMEQ Inc. says it has delivered the world's largest automted ironworker to a customer, the GEKA Hydracorp 220 SD hydraulic ironworker with a semi-automatic gauging system and a punch tonnage of more than 240 tons.

COMEQ, the distributor for GEKA, says the customer will use the machine’s capacity to punch a 1-9/16 in. diameter hole thru 1-1/2 in. thick, A-36 steel. The Semi-Paxy automated punch with a table size of 16 in. in the Y direction and 40 in. in the X direction and ball transfers (which allow easy movement of heavy parts) reduces set up and layout time.

GEKA ironworker ball transfers on the punch tableClick image to enlarge

Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold DownClick image to enlarge

The customer can expect to reduce production costs by eliminating time-consuming layout marking and the chance of error that is present with manual layout. The hydraulic punch stripper, which holds the material tight against the X and Y stops during the punching cycle, also helps to reduce the potential deformation of the part when punching. The control is B&R windows-based with graphics. It has a 15 in. colour touch screen for easy programming. The drive system uses B&R servo motors that rely on ball screws for accuracy. The control has a USB port and a port for network connectivity. Programming is made through Line Pro software developed by GEKA. The software allows full tonnage for punching or low tonnage for spotting or layout.

Geka ironworker DSCN 1391 Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold DownClick image to enlarge

Hydraulic Punch StripperClick image to enlarge

Because of the punching tonnage, the customer can now punch heavy plates that would normally require drilling or burning. Punching is much faster and eliminates the extensive cleanup that is required when drilling or burning.

The customer can take advantage of additional stations, as two people can work at the machine simultaneously. The Punch is an independent station with the advantages described above.

The customer will add the capacity of the other operations he is doing on his existing machine. The second operating station (dual-cylinder machine) will allow him to increase his other built-in capacities as follows: shearing up to an 8 x 8 x ¾ in. angle with a patented non-deform cut, shearing plate 30 x ¾ in. or 20 x 1 in. with adjustable rake angle, solid round and square bar shearing and the notching station with a capacity of 2-1/4 in. wide, 4-5/16 in. deep and 5/8 in. thick.

The GEKA Hydracrop 220 SD Hydraulic Ironworker is equipped with a hydraulic angle and plate hold down. When the operator steps on the foot pedal it activates the hold down which holds the plate or angle tightly during the shearing function. This option provides better cut quality and promotes longer blade life.

An electric length gauge/cut-to-length system facilitates the cutting of shapes. The gauging table on the notcher will allow the customer to manufacture more accurate parts.

As different jobs come up the customer will change the round and square bar blades to channel and beam blades within the machine’s capacity. Pipe notching and short bending will be done when the rectangular notcher is replaced with the appropriate tooling.

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