Kitamura's ultra compact HMC HX300iG reduces floor space by 20%Click image to enlarge

Kitamura Machinery's new Mycenter-HX300iG is a new high speed compact #40 HMC that is 20 per cent smaller than the company's 400 mm and offers the same power, accuracy and reliability.

Manufactured in Japan with hand scraping techniques and ultra high speed rapids of 2,362 ipm, the Mycenter-HX3000iG offers high productivity and heavy cutting capability in an 8 x 12 ft footprint.

Meehanite cast construction provides superior vibration absorption capabilities for improved surface quality, elevating finish capabilities to a higher level, at the same time overall life of cutting tools, says the company.

A two-station APC is automation ready and field expandable up to eight pallets for unmanned operation potential. The standard full 4th axis rotary table is newly designed with a Direct Drive motor enabling speeds of 150 rpm (54,000deg/min) rapids, reducing part cycle times, eliminating backlash and providing a firm, rigid machining platform. High resolution direct rotary encoder scale feedback minimizes displacement even at outer edges of the table limit.

A large work envelope has a diameter of 500 mm by 745 mm high and features one, piece, easy grip sliding doors, large windows and door openings, along with easy spindle access. 

A 50-tool fixed pot (assures tools are always returned to the same pot and the next tool to be used is kept in a “stand-by” pot) ATC allows for the addition of up to 200 tools in the field. A 1.3 sec. contributes to the reduction in overall cycle time.

The machine, equipped with a 30 hp, 15,000rpm, #40 taper, dual contact spindle, has the ability to handle a variety of exotic materials and offers best in class speed and performance. An optional high speed 20,000 rpm spindle is available, further minimizing “out-of-cut” time.

Positioning accuracy is ±0.002mm (±0.000079”)/Full Stroke with 67 million pulse encoder technology - delivering 67 times finer resolution, 67 times better finish accuracy all day long. It is designed with ballscrew cooling in all axes and state-of-the-art fine resolution (10 nanometer) optical linear scale feedback in X, Y, Z linear axes.

Kitamura’s interactive touch screen icon driven Arumatik-Mi control offers user friendly, unique features such as on demand “HELP” guidance, visual work setting, maintenance support functions, and a 19 in. swivel colour LCD to easily guide the user in a completely customizable control environment.

SSS Control delivers high speed processing of 270m/min feed with 1mm/block, 4,500 blocs/sec for smoother and faster machining of the most complex work pieces. Software upgrades are available throughout the life of the control so you are always ahead on the latest in CNC Technology.

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