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Victor, an ESAB brand, has introduced Victor Plus Torch, a heavy duty, high capacity combination torch, which features the new CA 2460+ cutting attachment and WH 315FC+ handle.

The WH 315FC+ handle incorporates built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves, but its design enables higher gas flow capacity. It can run up to a size #15 MFA heating nozzle, where the standard 315 handle could run up to a size #8. The CA 2460+ cutting attachment features a contoured cutting oxygen lever for better ergonomics, and the torch head uses thicker brass to improve abrasion resistance. The CA 2460+ and WH 315FC+ will become featured components in Victor’s Journeyman and Performer heavy-duty torch outfits, along with Victor EDGE™ 2.0 regulators.

“Victor patented the first torch handle with built-in safety devices, but users know that these devices also restrict flow.

"They challenged us to maintain our standards for safety while increasing performance, and we delivered with the Victor Plus Torch,” says John Henderson, director product development, global gas equipment, ESAB. “

Other improvements include increased feature identification, improved field repairability, enhanced control and comfort and added durability.”

The WH 315FC+ handle now incorporates markings that will help less experienced users, including those for fuel and oxygen hose connections and directional arrows for “open” and “close” on the valves. The valves feature new contouring that makes them easier to grip and turn with a gloved hand, and the valves seat more positively. The new handle is 0.6 in. shorter and uses 11 percent less material by weight, improving the feel and balance to reduce fatigue. Victor did not alter the assembly of the inner oxygen tube, barrel and head, and strength remains the same.

The CA 2460+ cutting attachment and its contoured, “drop step” cutting oxygen lever provides a better operator experience.

“No matter how the operator depresses the lever, with his thumb or palm, it’s more comfortable to use, plus makes it easier to feather the cutting oxygen,” says Henderson. “Further, the lever flips up and out of the way to provide access to the plunger, a wear item that needs occasional replacement.”

Other cutting attachment improvements include changing the shape of the interconnect nut to indicate that it should be hand-tightened only so as to avoid crushing the O-rings. Previously, it contained wrench flats that confused some users. The previous design also contained two nuts that needed to be removed to access the mixer. Repair facilities informed Victor that they worked on torches with gas leaks around the nuts, typically because users tried to repair the torch themselves and forgot to re-install a seal or cross-threaded the nuts. The new design uses a single brass-on-brass nut and tool to extract the mixer, simplifying repair and improving reliability.

“"We added more material to the head of the torch,” adds Henderson. “"You shouldn’'t use a torch as a chipping hammer or chisel, but recognizing how people really use them, the CA 2460+ can now withstand more abrasion.”"

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