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UNISIG is expanding its product line with new USC and USC-M Series machines.

At Amerimold 2018, June 13-14 in Novi, Michigan, in booth #530, the company will showcase the new machines, which combine deep hole drilling and milling capabilities to allow mold shops to reduce setup time, increase accuracy and eliminate mold design restrictions associated with traditional machining centres.
USC Series column type machines feature superior machine alignment, rigid construction and choice components that provide a reliable and compact solution for mold manufacturers to perform BTA and gundrilling operations and generate highly accurate holes up to 1.5" in diameter in large workpieces.
Available in table weight capacities up to 50 tons, machines in this series are ideal for workpieces such as mold plates and frack pumps. For increased part processing capability, milling spindles and rotary tables are also available as options with USC Series machines.
Visitors to the booth will also learn how the USC-M Series of 7 axis deep hole drilling and machining centres offers an ideal solution for improving productivity and efficiency in mold production. These machines allow manufacturers to process large and small parts with four sided machining capability in a single setup.
The USC-M series machines utilize two independent spindles: one for gundrilling and BTA drilling and a second CAT 50 machining spindle. When this additional capability is combined with a rotary workpiece table and programmable headstock inclination, accurate deep hole drilling and all standard high performance machining capabilities are available within the working envelope of the system.
The seven axes of control on the M-Series machines utilize the B, A, X, Y and Z axes for 5 axis machining operations, the W axis for the combined gundrilling and BTA deephole drilling spindle, and the U axis for machining. This provides 3 plus 2 machining to make deep hole drilling and machining of compound angles faster and easier and improves productivity as well as throughput by reducing setups and eliminating transfers to multiple machines. In fact, using a deep hole drilling headstock capable of conventional gundrilling and BTA high performance drilling has proven to be five to seven times faster than gundrilling alone.
UNISIG engineers and manufactures both the USC and USC-M series in the United States with high performance components. The company also offers a full complement of options for these machines to further enhance their milling and machining functions, including full enclosure guarding, a 120 position automatic tool changer, a laser tool presetter and probing.
Upon machine installation, UNISIG provides its customers with comprehensive training that involves machine operation and process optimization as well as gundrill tool sharpening. The company also offers customers reference information and practical advice for proper machine operation.

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