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Dengensha America’ss new Capacitor Discharge Welder (CDW) minimizes heat transfer and distortion problems in a compact and cost-efficient resistance welding control design having a small footprint.

The CDW spot welder is easy and intuitive to set-up, readily available off-the-shelf, and offers manufacturers numerous features and benefits to help maximize part quality.

The Capacitor Discharge Welder easily handles weld current as high as 50kA, yet requires only a small 6kVA power supply. High current in short bursts minimizes heat transfer and work-piece distortion, even when the power supply is unstable. Along with offering manufacturers a broad range of part production opportunity and potential, the CDW is ideal for welding small projection parts on high-strength steel as well as aluminum.

The NDZ Series CDW is designed with unique selectable current control modes that enable users to fine-tune weld quality. Selectable modes include “Energy,” “Peak Current,” and “Constant Current/Time.” (For example, users might improve weld quality by setting the first weld to the “Energy” mode for weld strength and then the second weld to “Constant Current” for post-weld heat treatment.)

Dengensha America Corporation offers automotive, agricultural and general manufacturers the most complete line of resistance welding equipment in the world. Dengensha America’s resistance welding product line includes projection and spot welders; weld guns, feeders and controls with consumables, and spare parts. Training and field service complete a single source capability.

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