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Lincoln Electric's advanced welding technologies will be on display at FABTECH 2016. This year, Lincoln Electric has two locations: North Hall N5200 for welding and training needs and Central Hall C29047 for cutting and forming operations.

Lincoln Electric's advanced welding technologies are designed for a variety of industries, such as automotive, appliance and heavy equipment, all designed to help manufacturers do their jobs better, faster and at a lower cost, claims the company.

The technologies visitors to FABTECH will be able to see include:

  • Expandable 4-Pack/8-Pack Rack for construction or shipbuilding grows as needs increase
  • Expansion of the CrossLinc Technology-enabled equipment line, which brings remote voltage control to the point of welding for the construction, ship and structural fabrication industries
  • Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic delivers the industry’s first 4-in-1 machine for the mining, railroad and utility repair service truck industry
  • New REALWELD Advanced Trainer helps industry or schools measure welding performance
  • New ClassMate Robotic Welding Education Cell provides a larger work envelopeTorchmate® 4400, 4800 and Fabricator CNC plasma cutting table systems deliver accurate linear motion
  • RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid keeps ferrous metals corrosion-free
  • Pantheon Mechanized Pipe Stations in four configurations for almost any pipe welding application
  • Developments in metal, robotic big-area additive manufacturing (R-BAAM)

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