Mazak runs CNC program challenge to test its Smooth technologyClick image to enlarge

Two machines side-by-side. Same part. Same program. Very different results.

It's called the Mazak Smotth Challenge, and it pits one machine tool CNC against another. Why? To show you exactly how we've taken the incredible innovation and speed of our existing CNC technology to whole new levels. You'll see exactly how much faster Mazak's latest generation Mazatrol SmoothX CNC is over its predecessor the Mazatrol Matrix 2 CNC and thus how much faster you could be cutting your parts with Mazak's Smooth technology.

Watch as we run the exact same five axis aluminum impeller part, simultaneously, on two Mazak full five axis Vertical Machining Centres - a VC-400A/5X with Maztrol Matrix 2 control and VC-500A/5X with the Mazatrol SmoothX.


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