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The Plant Manager Cutting (PMC) software module is the most recent addition to the successful suite of Bysoft CAD/CAM software.

The new PMC software module is a unique tool for fact-based planning and monitoring of all laser cutting and waterjet cutting processes. The PMC automatically processes order and CAD data independent of any programmer intervention, eliminating the time required for cutting plan preparation and feedback to the production planning system.

With the new PMC module, all relevant production and machine data become fully transparent, providing managers critical decision making data including load balancing of each machine, the order volume and its status, as well as the expected completion and due dates. The PMC ensures efficient resource management that also takes maintenance periods into account during planning. The user friendly graphical interface makes it easy to quickly locate the required production information.

Since the PMC regularly exchanges information between the customer's production planning system (ERP/MRP) and the cutting machines simultaneously, the information provided by the PMC always represents the most current production data.


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