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Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Titex XD70, a solid carbide drill for drilling of extremely deep holes.

The Titex XD70 (the XD designation stands for "extremely deep”) can produce holes up to 70xD in one operation, and does not require pecking. Previous XD technology product offerings topped out at 30xD.

It also offers increased performance because of a new method of producing solid carbide blanks and a special grinding process.

As is the case with all XD drills, cooling for the XD70 is provided via internal coolant channels. However, despite the great drilling depth, no special coolant equipment, such as an external high-pressure system, is required. A standard cooling unit, such as those available with any machining center, is sufficient.

The XD70 technology is offered as a special tool, in diameters ranging from 5 to 12 mm. Two tip coatings are available depending on the workpiece material: TTP for steels and XPL for cast iron.

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