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Canadian Welding Association’s third annual conference will be held September 9-11

The Canadian Welding Association’s third annual conference being held in Quebec City September 10-11, is expected to draw welders from acorss to the country to participate in a comprehensive line-up of presentations.

According to the CWA, welding is considered a critical component to a nation’s well being and plays a key role in industries such as energy, transportation and military applications. The average age of a welder is 54 years old which means retirement and greener pastures are just around the corner. What does this mean for the industry? An abundance of positions within the field. It also means a huge opportunity to help shape the face of this age-old industry and help future generations see its value and potential. CWA aims to spark interest in the industry to welders to embrace new technology and processes to help it grow.

Many welding heavy-weights are slated to appear and discuss the industry’s latest trends and current advancements in technology as well as crucial elements such as weld quality management and health and safety. The CWA conference is a unique opportunity for young minds to network, get to know the professionals and learn from the best.

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit CWA online

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