Users of OMAX's abrasive waterjet machines don't need an operator to create a proprietary program to cut a sheet of metal. And, if machine A goes down and you need to cut on machine B, OMAX's software transfers files via a common server.

April 5, 2016

by Lincoln Brunner

Connectivity, data management define the future of process improvement

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Morphing metal: new material developed by engineers at Cornell University

April 4, 2016

Engineers at Cornell Univeristy in Ithaca, NY, have developed a hybrid material comprised of stiff metal and soft, prorous rubber foam that combines the best properties of both-stiffness when it's required and elasticity when a change of shape is needed. And, perhaps of greatest importance, the material has the ability to self-heal if damaged.

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Universal Robots mobile fleet

March 28, 2016

Human robot collaboration

Mobile robot colleagues on wheels increase productivity and worker safety at Scott Fetzer Electrical Group The fleet of Universal Robots will now receive daily work orders to solve ever-changing tasks with high mix - low volume electronics manufacturer Scott Fetzer Electrical Group (SFEG) in Tennessee. The collaborative robots have optimized production by 20 percent, taking over monotonous and potentially hazardous tasks from employees now reallocated to more rewarding jobs.

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$40 M for advanced manufacturing in Ontario

March 23, 2016

The Ontario government has announced it plans to invest $40 million in advanced manufacturing inititatives in Ontario. The funding is part of a broader provincial $400 million Business Growth Initiative aimed at supporting Ontario's shift towards a high growth innovation economy.

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Manufacturing investments in Guelph, ON. Image: File Photo

March 16, 2016

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontaro) announces $6.6 million funding for Guelph manufacturers

Guelph, ON, manufacturers Hammond Manufacturing Co. and Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. will be receiving combined funding of $6.6 million following an annoucement by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. The projects are expected to create or maintain up to 165 full time equivalent jobs.

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Mazak Optonics vertical automation system

March 11, 2016

Mazak Optonic Corp.'s Hi-Speed Modular Vertical Automation system designed for job shops, OEMs or production facilities. Suction cups and forks work independently to reduce cycle times.

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Canada's bedrock: Job shops in Canada

February 16, 2016

G B Fabrication
Ghislain Levasseur, a certified truck and car mechanic, and his brother Bruno,

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Canada's bedrock

February 16, 2016

by Mary Scianna

Job shops are Canada’s manufacturing stronghold

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Jim Moloney says Philips Ledalite relies on its turret punch presses, including a Prima Power hydraulic turret model and the E5 servo electric punch press, seen here and purchased in 2011.

February 15, 2016

The Problem: Meeting just-in-time demands

The Solution: Turret punching equipment

Just-in-time delivery model drives need for modern fabricating technology

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Hougen's HMD905 is a two speed magnetic drill designed with a swivel base for greater versatility in the shop.

February 15, 2016

by Mary Scianna

Better power tools for better performance

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The correct nozzle can reduce cycle times dramatically, and there are different approaches to consider, says Amada's Jason Hillenbrand.

February 15, 2016

by Kip Hanson

Fiber lasers make quick work of what was once an onerous task

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Jack Pennuto Jr.

February 15, 2016

by Jack Pennuto Jr.

Roll forming machines impact process quality

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Panasonic commercializes PBT moulding compounds for laser welding

February 12, 2016

Panasonic Corp. based in Osaka, Japan, plans to start mass producing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) moulding compounds for laser welding.

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Bystronic's ByTower automation solution

February 5, 2016

Bystronic's ByTower automation solution for laser cutting systems offers fabricators a flexible system for lightly manned production. Reduced set-up times and an optimal material flow ensure maximum utilization of the laser cutting system.

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Cincinnati Inc expands in Canada, hires Alejandro Chavez as regional sales engineer

January 18, 2016

Cincinnati Inc. has launched factory direct sales in Canada, appointing Alejandro Chavez as regional sales engineer for all Canadian provinces except BC, which is covered by a direct sales representative in Seattle, WA.

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Financing your business

January 16, 2016

Your Business is a regular column from Shop Metalworking Technology.

by Tim Wilson

One of the biggest challenges facing job shops in Canada is securing the right financing.

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Koike Aronson Mastergraph metal cutting machine

January 8, 2016

Koike Aronson's Mastergraph EX2 metal cutting machine is manufactured in the US and designed to work in challenging environments. The Mastergraph EX2 can be fully customized to fit production needs and increase your productivity. Multiple plasma stations, oxy-fuel stations, oxy-fuel stations, marking options, as well as, full contour plasma beveling, which is controlled through a very easy to use operator interface.

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Ferric Machinery's new Cambridge, ON plant

January 5, 2016

Ferric Machinery has expanded its operations with a new 1,394 sq m (15,000 sq ft) facility in Cambridge, ON, to better service its customers.

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This 273 mm Unison all-electric bending machine – the world’s most powerful – was installed at Westcon Yard’s Ølensvåg facility in November 2015.

December 4, 2015

Norwegian offshore and maritime services company has installed what is considered the world's largest all-electric pipe bending machine, capable of generation 660,000 Nm of continous torque and bending of thick-walled carbon steel pipes up to 273 mm (10 in.) in diameter.

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Sandvik Coromant's Manufacturing Day event in Mississauga, ON

December 3, 2015

Manufacturing Day 2015 events across North American have helped to improve the perception of industry among the public, according to a Deloitte survey.

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