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Industry update

  • TRUMPF opens smart factory in Chicago

    TRUMPF celebrated the opening of its smart factory in Chicago, IL, on September 12, 2017. It's the first smart factory for Industry 4.0 solutions. The $15 million, 500,000 sq ft facility is designed for digitally connected production processes.
  • DMG MORI, Fuchs launch partnership for machine tool lubricants

    DMG MORI and Fuchs have announced a technology partnership agreement and signed a collaboration contract to work together on innovative product developments for lubricants for machine tools.
  • Upwards growth for US manufacturing good for Canada

    US manufacturing technology orders (USMTO) continued to expand in July, up 23 per cent from July 2016. The positive news follows recent data from Canada that continues to see upwards growth in this country two. Together, these actitivites are good indicators that 2018 promises to be a better year for manufacturing in North America.

Shop Tools

  • Iscar's Industry 4.0 approach to cutting tools

    Iscar offers several Industry 4.0 standard digital tools, enabling manufacturers to access data for easy to use machining calculations that are readily available, says the company.
  • Saw cutting system with stronger leg structure

    SawGear is a portable, automatic lineal cutting system made by TigerStop, that now has a more robust leg structure to its optional jobsite tables. The new table legs were provide increased stability. The new legs branch in two directions from a direct connection point. They are connected at the top to the table with a sheet metal faceplate. The tables come in three different lengths to accommodate the 8, 12, or 16 ft working length SawGear.
  • Miniature brushes for better deburrig

    PFERD miniature brushes for cleaning and light deburring give users a competitive advantage by providing highly repeatable deburring and surface conditioning results on a variety of materials, from hard alloys to soft aluminum. The lineup of wheel, cup and end configurations includes stem-mounted miniature brushes that are ideally suited for the precision applications required in many industries, including electronics, medical, aerospace and jewelry.


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