Cutting Tools: Good Vibrations

by Kip Hanson Advanced cutting tools eliminate vibration during machining ...

Die & Mould Sector Report 2017: Winning the Game

by Andrew Brooks Innovation support, skilled labour top the list of ...

Fabricating: Robot Feeders

by Nestor Gula Automatic material handling systems are cost effective in ...

Machining Case Study: Going Vertical

by Kip Hanson Vancouver job shop takes turning in a new direction THE ...

Nozzles boost laser cutting speed up to 100%

TRUMPF has introduced the Highspeed and Highspeed Eco, newly designed ...

Punch Press Vs Laser: A Business Case

by Peter Visser Buying a Laser? Have you also considered a CNC punch ...

Welding: Easy Welds

by Nestor Gula Welding aluminum is not difficult, just ...

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Industry update

Shop Tools

  • Enhanced weld cleaning for MIG, spot welding

    Walter Surface Technologies has launched its new Surfox 205 and Surfox Mini TIG and spot weld cleaning systems.
  • Ultrasonic cutting

    Robotic ultrasonic cutting offered by I-Cubed Industry Innovators in Canada, is the process of vibrating a horn or blade at high-frequency but low amplitudes. Typical frequencies can exceed 20Khz at amplitudes of 10-50 micrometers. The horn itself can be as simple as a blade or shaped into complex shapes to reduce machine operation.
  • 6-jaw compensation chuck

    The clamping of thin-walled and easily deformed components can be difficult. Schunk offers the six jaw Rota NCR from our lineup for this challenging clamping scenario; with standard chuck diameters ranging all the way from Ø165 to Ø1200mm, for large workpieces.

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